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Arrange an Appointment

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We now offer two ways for you to arrange a booking with us. Ideally we'd welcome your call so that we can discuss your exact requirements and your dog's groom to assess the time required for the appointment.

Book Online

Alternatively you may wish to select a date and time suitable for you to bring your pet into us. If this is the case please fill in the form below providing as many details about your dog (breed / size /medical or behavioural issues etc. ) as possible and we will contact you to confirm availability.

This information helps us to ensure we accommodate and support any special requirements or needs your dog may have and also allow adequate time for the groom.

Please note that completion of this form does not constitute a confirmed booking until we respond to you.

We always respect your privacy.

For more information on our dog grooming services
or to make an appointment call:-

T: 01604 844896
T: 01604 791515
M: 07780 578173

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